Shiba Inu

Adopt A Dog: Haruki

Type: Shiba Inu

Age: 8 Years Old

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Colour: Red

House Trained: Yes

Health: Neutered | Vaccinations up to date 

Hello everyone, my name is Haruki, and I am an 8.5 year-old-male Shiba Inu. As you can see, I have pretty severe allergies. My name may sound familiar because 

I am a SGPA alum. You may not recognize me because when I was with SGPA I had all my fur. My family loved me, but they said I developed severe allergies and were not prepared to handle this, so I got on traditional medication that just made me worse. By the time they contacted SGPA, my condition was so severe that they felt it was best to surrender me back to the rescue. Luckily, the volunteer who handles severe allergies canceled her summer vacation with family to stay home and care for me instead. Boy am I glad she did that because I feel a million times better and look way better too. When I first arrived at Shiba HQ, all I did was sleep. I had my private recovery room and great food, but I didn’t want to do much else but sleep. The volunteers said my skin was so yeasty that they had to bath me every other day to keep the smelly yeasty build-up at bay. Soon another severe medical case arrived at Shiba HQ, and she took my private room. But that worked out great because I started to feel better and enjoyed laying in the sun with the other allergy dogs. SGPA got me on a home-prepared, NRC balanced organic & diverse raw diet, filtered water, exposed me to a variety of beneficial microbes and removed all toxins from my environment. It’s been A LOT of work for the volunteer who has four other allergy dogs at the same time, but I am making great progress, and most importantly, I feel great without having any traditional drugs that destroy my immune system or microbiome. I hope you will consider donating to SGPA for the allergy dogs as their program is intensive and can last a long time to ensure we are cleared to go to a forever home who will continue their successful program. Follow my story to see my incredible transformation!

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Hi Future Owner!

Can’t wait to meet you 🙂


Love, HAruki

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