Adopt A Dog: Emma

Type: Pug

Age: 10 Years Old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Colour: White

House Trained: Yes

Health: Spayed | Vaccinations up to date 

Meet little lady Emma – she is about 10 years old, and while she’s being treated for a few medical issues, she’s sweet as pie and is loving attention from her foster family. She just completed two weeks of quarantine (to makes sure she didn’t have anything contagious from her time in a shelter) and now she can’t wait to meet other animals. 

Like her namesake from the novels of Jane Austen, Emma is very social and interested in any person or animal who comes her way. She loves naps and belly rubs. Emma is very polite and rarely barks and doesn’t beg! 

She has a bit of a cough, which seems to be a trachea issue, and it seems to only occur when Emma is excited from a lot of activity. This is something PROoF will look into now that she is finished with her initial round of medications for worms and infections and is ready for her follow-up vet visits. 

She is also missing most of her teeth and has a small tumor in her mouth. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying softened food and soft treats! She’ll sometimes show you her cute snaggle tooth. She likes soft toys and will pick up the toys  and move them around. Emma’s not a jumper, but she’ll happily sit on the couch or bed if you pick her up and put her there. She actually loves to be picked up and showered with attention – she gives you the cutest adoring look! She likes to sleep in her crate for some alone time and is an all-around agreeable and loving pug.

We will keep you posted on this little lady as we continue her medical care. 

Ask Us About Emma | Meet Emma

Hi Future Owner!

Can’t wait to meet you 🙂


Love, Emma

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