Shih Tzu

Adopt A Dog: Cuddles

Type: Shih Tzu

Age: 10 Years Old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Colour: White-Black

House Trained: Yes

Health: Spayed | Vaccinations up to date 

We named her Cuddles because she is the sweetest cuddliest little female Shih Tzu you can imagine!! Her darling Shih Tzu face with its button nose and big trusting eyes and her soft black and white non shedding coat definitely adds to her charm. An adult, we can only guess at her age but we estimate she was born sometime in 2010. She weighs 6kg. Cuddles has been with us since 07/07/2016; picked up as a stray, she arrived at the Safehouse severely neglected, her health and appearance evidence of the years of horror she must have endured.

Cuddles is a quiet, friendly little Shih Tzu; good-natured with an extraordinarily loving disposition. She has severe allergy issues, her major causative allergen is dust mites and must live in a carpet and upholstery free home. Her acute eye issues require sixteen eye drops daily. On 10/08/2018, Cuddles was admitted to the animal hospital. It was a long day of examinations by an oncologist and a surgeon, blood and urine tests, radiographs, an ultrasound and finally a CT Scan. The exam and tests confirmed Cuddles has a soft tissue sarcoma in her right chest that was incompletely surgically removed. The radiographs and CT Scan revealed an unexpected mass in her left lung lobes and the ultrasound displayed a small nodule in her liver. None of these growths are in an area that can be sampled for biopsy. In light of these surprising findings and after careful consideration, we have decided to monitor these growths for now. Despite all her health issues, Cuddles still enjoys a full life. House trained and well mannered; she enjoys sunshine, leisurely walks, soft pillows, tummy rubs and treats; a wonderful, gentle little dog who loves to show affection. The Safehouse is working to give Cuddles the best medical care possible. She is being given the attention of a dedicated caretaker and the extraordinary care she needs and deserves to live as full a life as possible in a caring environment. Cuddles is terminally ill; each day of her life is a gift we celebrate. She may be living the unthinkable, but her story is also an account of resiliency, hope and the remarkable power of patience, affection, and love.

Cuddles is available for adoption by someone willing to accept financial responsibility for her current allergy and eye care regimens. A family that can manage the emotional strain of Cuddles terminal illness / limited life expectancy and the medical experience and knowledge necessary to provide for Cuddles ongoing care.

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