Adopt A Dog: Chip

Type: Corgi

Age: 13 Years Old

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Colour: Apricot

House Trained: Yes

Health: Neutered | Vaccinations up to date | Teeth cleaned and multiple extractions in 2019 | Some arthritis | Still needs to lose weight

This feisty, joyful, beloved senior boy came into rescue, along with his fur brother Dale, when his elderly parents were suddenly unable to care for him and other family members couldn’t bring him into their existing pack.


Chip’s ideal day would be spent adoring his humans and being adored in return. He is a senior pup who enjoys his sleep and is in no rush to get where he wants to go most of the time, but he is still a corgi. He loves romping outside and when a burst of energy strikes, playing chase while barking joyously when his human runs with his squeaky toy. He can also nip/bite in the excitement of play.

While he is not an insistent barker by any means, he likes to communicate with his humans. He barks when he is happy and playing, when he sees or hears something outside, or when he thinks it is time to get up. And, of course, there is a lot of barking and wagging when his humans return home.



Chip is housebroken and knows sit, lie down, and come. He walks well on leash and does well in the car, but his rides have not ventured beyond the vets office. He is not crate trained, but is used to being gated off in a room while his humans are gone.


Chip adores his humans and everyone loves him. He is excited to meet strangers, whether they are friends, teenagers, the vet, pest control, AC, or handy man. He has shown defensive/aggressive behaviors towards other dogs including a few scuffles with his brother Dale, so he need to be on a short leash when encountering other dogs on walks and at the vets office. He has shown some guarding tendency with other dogs when food is involved. He has not been cat tested.


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