Shih Tzu

Adopt A Dog: Buddy

Type: Shih Tzu

Age: 10 Years Old

Sex: Male

Size: Small

Colour: White with tan

House Trained: Yes

Health: Neutered | Vaccinations up to date 

Buddy is one half of a bonded pair (see Cricket). He is a petite male Shih Tzu, born 08/01/2010; he has a beautiful tan and white coat and weighs 11 pounds. 

His family brought him to the Safehouse on 04/24/2012; they were unable to handle his very dominant aggressive behaviour. Full disclosure: Buddy probably isn’t the dog you want to take home. While Buddy is adorable, he doesn’t get along with adults, children, other dogs, or cats. Buddy has made it abundantly clear that he will attack if bothered and can go from zero to Cujo in half a second. Everyone who sees him or his photo is instantly drawn to his cuteness. Buddy can be attentive, playful and silly; as adorable as any Shih Tzu can be, he enjoys sharing squeaky plush toys and chewies with Cricket (they have quite a collection). He loves tummy rubs and will respond with a kiss if I pick him up when he comes to me. However, although Buddy is not a dangerous dog, he has that potential. Buddy has bonded with Cricket, another dog we have available for adoption. It is unusual for this to happen but since it has occurred, we prefer to adopt Buddy and Cricket together. Wrestling and chasing around with Cricket is great exercise but they also need a daily walk or two. Buddy requires a calm, quiet, adult home, too much petting and commotion agitate him. He is housetrained, uses wee-wee pads and a doggy door to “potty outside” however he also marks indoors. Both Buddy and Cricket will require special handling and a very dog experienced caregiver that has worked with dogs with serious behavior issues. It will take much more then love and good intentions; it will take a great deal of patience and restraint to give them the (hands off!!) space, time and training (months, possible years, not days or weeks) that they will need to adjust to a new environment. Buddy is healthy, neutered, has a microchip, is current on all vaccines, heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and has had a complete physical and dental.

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Hi Future Owner!

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Love, Buddy

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