Shih Tzu

Adopt A Dog: BJ

Type: Shih Tzu

Age: 9 Years Old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Colour: Black-White

House Trained: Yes

Health: Spayed | Vaccinations up to date 

BJ is one of those wonderful little Shih Tzu that make you ask yourself: “How could anyone abandon this sweet dog?” But dump her they did, and when she was found by animal control she was a filthy stinking flea infested matted frightened beyond belief small dog. AC handed her over to a local animal hospital for holding. They cleaned her up, noted that she had several mammary tumors, an oozing open sore on her belly, “dry eye” infections and severe dental tartar and then they locked her in a cage. No one claimed the little dog so when her time was up the hospital contacted us. Saving Shih Tzu is our mission so we responded immediately. BJ arrived at the safehouse on 11/20/2019. 

When she first arrived, the poor girl was terrified. No one knew what had happened to her, but it was clear that it had taken a toll. BJ crawled into an open kennel, cowering in the corner with her face to the wall trying to make herself invisible. Even though when approached you could tell she wanted a treat or a loving pat, she didn’t dare move away from that corner wall. But with love and understanding, BJ has come out of her withdrawal mode, her spirit has lifted and she is once again the very loving, spoiled and (typical) bossy Shih Tzu she was born to be. Amazingly friendly; well mannered, house trained, leash trained; the perfect family dog. All because she received kindness and patience; allowing her to slowly recover from the paralyzing trauma of abandonment by quite possibly the only home and family she had known her entire life. BJ weighs a trim 7kg, not overweight, just a solid little dog. We are guessing her year of birth to be 2011 making her around 9 years old. Her adorable little Shih Tzu face and plush non-shedding black and white coat are picture perfect. Today, this happy-go-lucky girl enjoys meeting new folks, children, dogs and cats and welcomes tasty treats of all kinds. Her (normal aging dry) eye issue requires eye drops twice daily; administration is never a problem with BJ as long as we remember the follow up treat!! Unfortunately, the two mammary tumors were cancerous and the surgery to remove them was incomplete so BJ now faces a second surgery. In spite of her regrettable diagnosis BJ is doing wonderfully well. Although she is ready for adoption and the opportunity to live happily ever after, we prefer to keep BJ with us until her cancer concerns are resolved.

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Love, BJ

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